Oh my, the first blog post. What to write?


As I sit here, this Monday the 8th of February, I am thinking about all the things I hope this blog will become. I think about all the things I hope to explore with you, learn with you, and share with you.

So, that said, where to begin?

I guess I can start with the reason that I am writing this blog.

For many years now, I’ve been an active participant in the game called Facebook. You know the game. You sign up, make your page, friend people, follow people. Life is good. Then, over time, it seems to become a little tedious. Boring, even. You love your peeps, you enjoy the famous and not-so-famous folks you follow, but somehow the whole FB experience begins to bring you down.

It’s no longer fun to log on and scroll through the newsfeed. Sadly enough, this has happened to me.

Some people love FB and will never leave. I still have my account and have no intention to delete it. However, I decided that blogging is the best place for me to interact with my friends and family and the world at large.

If you are a FB friend and have discovered this page, you will understand now why I’m not posting as much on FB anymore. I hope you will feel led to join Dean and me here. This is our new cyber home. And our intention is to make it a place where you feel comfortable visiting from time to time.

So thank you for stopping by. Check in often. There is no telling what Dean and I will be getting into, as we are always into something. Maybe we can inspire you or humor you. The main thing we wish to do is bring a smile to your face and give you content worth reading.

After all, isn’t finding relevant content the point of going online in the first place?

Photo credit: http://www.scottcarney.com 




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