Hello Hermine.

Hello Hermine. Nice to meet you. We need the rain but not the wind. Please be kind as you’re passing through our fair city. 

Hurricanes and tropical storms. I’ve lived through a few, even though I have never lived on the coastline.

Today’s excitement reminds me of the time I was in the middle of Hurricane Opal. It was the most amazing weather-related experience I’ve ever had. The event occurred in 1995 and I experienced it on the MARTA train enroute to my job in downtown Atlanta.

The sky was as dark as it is today. The rain was pounding the train car with a ferocity I’d never experienced before and hope to never experience again. The train left one station heading to the next, riding high on a raised rail line, when it hit.

The wind.

I’ll never forget the feeling of the wind hitting the train. It felt as if a huge invisible hand grabbed on desperately to dislodge the train cars from the rail. The interior of car fell silent…people packed like sardines-in-a-tin hushed and held onto anything they could to keep from falling down or falling out of their seats.

The driver slowed the train to a crawl as he guided us to the next station. Buffeted and shaken we passengers continued on our journey, silent with our eyes glued to the rain-streaked windows.

The city skyline reminded me of Gotham City…dark and foreboding. The rain was fierce. The wind, insane. Hopefully today will not be a replica of that day.

Just for fun, here is a shot of what’s going on outside my back door.


You can’t really tell, but the rain is coming down pretty steady. I’m waiting for the winds to start whipping. Too bad Dean is at work right now. I hate that he’ll be on the road coming home in this mess.

If you find yourself in the path of Hermine today, be extra careful.

Screen shot from Accuweather.com. Photo by yours truly.


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