Road Tripping 

There is nothing so liberating as packing a bag, hopping into a car and hitting the open road. Those endless ribbons of asphalt beg to be explored…roads going in all different directions…each road leading to a new adventure.

Some trips are to new destinations…places yet to be discovered and roads yet to be driven upon. Other trips are so familiar, it feels as if over time the car has worn ruts in the road on the route from here to there.

Dean and I are on our way back home from our annual trip to Wisconsin. Dean’s mother still lives up there, so we spend a week with her each summer. This year, we waited till the week of Labor Day to take our trip.

It was a trip that began in the winds and rains of Hurricane Hermine.

The photo above was taken on I-20 outside of Aiken, South Carolina. Hermine beat down upon us with a vengeance as Dean drove the first leg of the journey in our little rental car. It seemed like we suffered through her for hours on end until we drove out of her reach in Greenville.

Fast forward to this evening. We spent the day driving from the top of Illinois to the bottom, through a sliver of Kentucky then into our current situation…a hotel in Clarksville, Tennessee.

I am too tired tonight to blog about the trip but will do so once we get home tomorrow. There are several tales I would like to share. I hope you will enjoy them.

For now, I will close my eyes and visualize the drive ahead of us. Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta…here we come.

I can’t wait to see that mighty Tennessee River meander by the mountains near Chattanooga.

It’s been awhile.

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