I am writing a novel…

…and I want you to be the first to know.

Not quite two years ago, I laid down the framework for a novel. The story is to be set on a beach somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The idea for a book came to me in a dream I had shortly after the passing of Chris Squire, the incredible bassist for the progressive rock band Yes. In the dream, I met Chris on a beach by a bonfire under a sky filled with stars and planets. It was magical, and I hope to recreate that magic in the words I choose to write.

The book has been fermenting in my mind all this time. I’ve written a smattering of paragraphs since waking from that dream the next morning. Now I am about to sit down and flesh out a first draft.

Keep your eyes open if you’re interested in this project. The tentative working title will be “Beyond the Blue.” It will be work of fantasy realism…a realistic setting with fantastical elements.

Ooh, I’m getting excited!

Photo credit: walldevil


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