Moving on from my Facebook feed

Most of you who follow this blog may be wondering where the heck I’ve been. I haven’t posted in a year. I must have been super busy on important projects…right?


Embarrassingly, I spent the past year completely absorbed in Facebook pseudoworld.

Yes, I’m the chick who likes to post uplifting, inspiring memes. I’m the chick who enjoys reminding you of your awesomeness. Yes, I am one of many who use Facebook to build others up.

I mean, this is who I am and what I like to do. I always want to help others.

Now, however, it’s time for me to put that energy inward and work on building up myself.

That said, you may wonder why I’m sorta saying goodbye to ye olde Facebook. There are many reasons, but the biggest of all is that I am tired of wasting precious hours scrolling through newsfeed while ignoring my goals, hobbies and aspirations.

I will still have a presence there, but my presence will be limited.

Since my parents, closest friends and wonderful acquaintances are all on my friends list, I will still be visiting from time to time. However, after turning 50 (and soon to be 51) I have decided I need to use what time I have left to accomplish the things I want to do. Once you hit this age, you realize pretty quickly that most of your life is gone.

EEK! Man, that sounds terrible! However, I look at this reality as a challenge to move forward and grab life by the gotcha.

Most future posts on Facebook will be to promote what Dean is doing as bass player for King Cat and the Elders as well as any art I make (and, for those who are curious, the book I’m writing…yes, you read it here first). I will keep Messenger on my phone and will be using that exclusively to keep in touch with folks. Holler at me there if you wanna chat.

Please feel free to follow this blog if you want to keep up with all my goings-ons. I will be sharing all blog posts to my Facebook page, so if you’d rather watch for me there, that’s cool too.

Also, I will be using my Instagram account at CatsCarsAndVintageGuitars to post photos and share what Dean and I are doing as we navigate this great big thing called LIFE.

I love you all and hope you will join with me on this new path I’m taking. Come along for the ride. Let’s see what’s around the next bend!

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