An Early Taste of Spring

It’s been such a blessing to enjoy a long winter weekend when the weather is nice. Winter in our part of the country has been mild this year, for the most part. While I appreciate the warmth, I wish for a good freeze to help with the mosquito problem we have each summer. Warm winters make for miserable summer evenings!

Today was the last of our four days off in a row. After running to Home Depot for some project supplies and grabbing lunch, we came home and I went outside to the deck.

That makes two days in a row. Fresh air. Warm sun. No jacket needed.

I had no desire to paint today, so I grabbed up a cross-stitch project I’d begun months ago and sat at the table while Dean worked on the kitchen cabinet.

There is a great little website called where you can upload any image and build a cross-stitch pattern. Since I have been on a Smithereens high for the past year, I decided that my next project would be a portrait of those four awesome guys from New Jersey.



I sat down and focused my attention on the bottom right corner of this piece.

Time seemed to stop, as it usually does when I get into a creative endeavor. The breeze was soft, the birds chirped in the trees, and a big yellow butterfly decided to flit around me as I sat there.

It was a beautiful afternoon.

After a while, my mind drifted toward tea. We had bought a bunch of different brands the last time we were at the store, so I went into the kitchen and decided to try something new from Lipton. Well, it might not be new, but it was new to me. It is their Daring English Breakfast tea.


Bam! Zing! Pow! This stuff packs a punch. I like my tea to be rich and deep as molasses. This stuff brewed up dark and delicious and comes highly recommended by me. Fierce stuff indeed!

Back outside, I took a walk around the yard to see what was going on with our garden. Poor summer flower garden…decimated by winter, forlorn and desolate. I looked at our hydrangea bushes.

Lo and behold, a sign of spring.


The sight of spring green on a freshly awakened leaf made my heart leap.

I turned to look at the other side of the yard. Spring is going to be welcome when it gets here. Pretty soon there will be lots of color where there is nothing but emptiness now.


I went back to my cross-stitch and was happy to see that I’d made such progress.


At this point, the sun was hanging low in the western sky, the breezes were blowing a bit colder, and my tummy was growling. We called it a night, packed it all up and went inside to eat some supper.

As I sit here typing and remembering the day, I realize that it’s back to the real world for me tomorrow. Work beckons, as does what I call “reality.” Still, if I’ve learned anything over the course of the past four days, it is this:

Always make time for fun. Regardless of responsibilities, make time to be creative and please carve out time for relaxation.

Here’s to a new day.

All photos by Francie Klopotic.




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